Rapp Announces More Than $381,500 to Support Local First Responders
WARREN — Rep. Kathy Rapp (R-Warren/Crawford/Forest) announced today that 30 fire departments and ambulance organizations throughout Crawford, Forest and Warren counties have been awarded approximately $381,541 from a grant program administered by the Office of the State Fire Commissioner.

“From educating the public on fire safety to responding to vehicle crashes and medical assistance calls, volunteer recruitment, and seemingly endless fundraising, the day-to-day responsibilities of our irreplaceable emergency responders are much more diverse, difficult and demanding than most people realize,” said Rapp. “I will continue to use my role as your state representative to support these self-sacrificing citizens who put their lives on the line to keep our communities, homes and loved ones safe from harm.”

Initiated by the PA General Assembly in 2000, this statewide grant program is open to all fire, ambulance and rescue companies across the Commonwealth.

Projects eligible for funding include recruitment and retention, construction or renovation of a fire or ambulance company facility, purchase or repair of equipment, training, reduction of existing debt, or replacing lost proceeds due to COVID fundraising limitations.

All funding comes from the proceeds from slot machine gaming, and not General Fund tax revenue.

Following is a list of fire and ambulance companies serving the 65th District and the amount of their grant awards:

Crawford County
• Bloomfield Township Volunteer Fire Department, $15,000.
• Bloomfield Township Volunteer Fire Department EMS, $8,325.
• City of Titusville Fire Department, $15,000.
• Spartansburg Volunteer Fire Department, $15,000.
• Spartansburg Volunteer Fire Department EMS, $8,325.
• Townville Volunteer Fire Department, $15,000.
• Townville Ambulance Service Inc., $8,325.

Forest County
• Tionesta Volunteer Fire Department, $15,000.
• West Hickory Volunteer Fire Department, $15,000.

Warren County
• Bear Lake Volunteer Fire Department, $15,000.
• Cherry Grove Volunteer Fire Department, $14,959.
• City of Warren Fire Department, $15,000.
• City of Warren Fire Department EMS, $8,325.
• Clarendon Volunteer Fire Department, $15,000.
• Clarendon Volunteer Fire Department EMS, $8,325.
• Garland Volunteer Fire Department, $13,630.
• Glade Township Volunteer Fire Department, $14,702.
• Pleasant Volunteer Fire Department, $15,000.
• Pleasant Volunteer Fire Department EMS, $8,325.
• Russell Volunteer Fire Department, $15,000.
• Russell Volunteer Fire Department EMS, $8,325.
• Scandia Volunteer Fire Department, $15,000.
• Scandia Volunteer Fire Department EMS, $8,325.
• Spring Creek Volunteer Fire Department, $15,000.
• Starbrick Volunteer Fire Department, $15,000.
• Sugar Grove Volunteer Fire Department, $15,000.
• Sugar Grove Volunteer Fire Department EMS, $8,325.
• Wrightsville Volunteer Fire Department, $15,000.
• Youngsville Volunteer Fire Department, $15,000.
• Youngsville Volunteer Fire Department EMS, $8,325.

To receive a grant award, organizations must first apply and then complete a grant agreement. More information about these grants and other financial support programs for the state’s fire and EMS companies is available at www.osfc.pa.gov.

The 65th Legislative District includes all of Warren County; a portion of Crawford County consisting of the city of Titusville; the boroughs of Centerville and Hydetown; and the townships of Athens, Bloomfield, Oil Creek, Rome, Sparta, Steuben and Troy; and a portion of Forest County consisting of the townships of Green, Harmony, Hickory, Howe, Kingsley, Tionesta and the borough of Tionesta.

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