Rapp Advances Women’s Right-to-Know Act to Offer Pennsylvania Mothers Complete Picture of Life
HARRISBURG – Adding another tangible legislative action item to today’s national March for Life and the anniversary of Roe versus Wade, Rep. Kathy Rapp (R-Warren/Forest/McKean) hosted a state Capitol press conference to build momentum for passage of her Women’s Right-to-Know Act (House Bill 1077).

“Today on the anniversary of Roe versus Wade, hopefully we can all agree that abortion is a serious decision with irreversible and lasting consequences,” said Rapp. “I’m introducing this legislation because every woman deserves the right to be fully informed when considering the termination of her pregnancy. This without question includes the right to choose whether or not to view an ultrasound of her child within 24 hours of undergoing an abortion.”

Already receiving the bipartisan support of approximately 113 legislative co-sponsors, the Women’s Right-to-Know Act will provide: 

        • An opportunity for every pregnant woman in Pennsylvania seeking an abortion to view 
          and receive a printed copy of the ultrasound image of her unborn child. 

        • That all questions a woman has as a result of the ultrasound, including gestational 
          age and general developmental health of her unborn child, be answered fully and 

        • The guidelines to be followed in providing this information to women. 

        • Minimum standards for those who are qualified to perform these ultrasounds.

“Pre-dating Roe versus Wade, ultrasounds have been used safely in medicine for 50 years and are already standard practice in abortion clinics that use this technology to determine the total cost of every abortion procedure,” said Rapp. “My legislation will bring current law up to speed with the latest medical technology by requiring the abortion facility to turn the ultrasound machine around and share this living, moving information upon request of the woman who is carrying the child.”

Following similar legislation in more than 20 other states, House Bill 1077 does not require the woman to view the ultrasound. Additionally, the ultrasound would be waived in the event of a medical emergency.

“Women cannot get this type of knowledge from a pamphlet or medical office phone call,” said Rapp. “These images capture a living, kicking and moving person with a heartbeat. Ultrasounds dispel the myth that abortion is only about removing a ‘clump of cells’ and that information in itself is absolutely critical to every mother’s ability to make a fully informed decision.”

House Bill 1077 is expected to be considered by the House Health Committee in the near future.

“The Women’s Right-to-Know Act simply puts into legislative statute a standard of care that every woman should expect in order to be fully informed about the risks and complications associated with abortion,” said Rapp. “What expecting mother do you know who has not received an ultrasound image of her baby? Women in perhaps their greatest moment of need and indecision should not be denied the same quality of medical care. House Bill 1077 will protect life, not only the lives of the unborn, but just as importantly, the life of the mother.”

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State Representative Kathy Rapp
65th District, Pennsylvania House of Representatives
Contact: Ty McCauslin
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