Rapp Refuses to Cave In On Protecting PA Taxpayers
Rep. Kathy Rapp (R-Warren/Forest/McKean) voted against the $27.8 billion 2009-10 state budget on Wednesday due to more than $1 billion in new taxes and increased spending. 
“Whether it’s broad-based or otherwise, a tax increase is a tax increase, and an economic recession is the worst time for state government to take away and redistribute even more of the income of taxpayers, consumers and job creating employers,” said Rapp. “Sadly we will all pay the price for this callous and unsustainable budget.
“From my perspective as a House Republican, the only good news coming out of this year’s 100 day budget debacle is that I am member of the only Legislative caucus that consistently, firmly and unapologetically voted to put Pennsylvania Taxpayers First by saying NO to increased taxes and NO to fiscally irresponsible and excessive government spending,” added Rapp.    
Rapp’s primary reasons for rejecting the state budget for the fifth consecutive year, include:  
  • This year’s state budget fails to address the hundreds of millions of dollars in welfare fraud recently identified by Auditor General Jack Wagner.  
  • Job-killing $374 million Capital Stock and Franchise Tax increase. 
  • 25 cent per pack cigarette tax increase and new $1.60 per pack tax on cigarillos. 
  • The total or near draining of critical state reserve funds, including the $755 million Rainy Day Fund, $708 million Heath Care Provider Retention Account, $400 million Tobacco Endowment Account and $100 million MCare Fund.  
Throughout this year’s budget impasse, Rapp offered her support for the $27.5 billion House Republican budget plan (House Bill 1943), the only remaining budget proposal that would have succeeded in balancing the $3.2 billion Rendell budget deficit with no new or increased taxes, eliminated all discretionary funding or WAMS (Walking Around Money), and reduced many other areas of excessive government spending.
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