Rapp Working To Ensure All PA Workers Receive Uninterrupted Paychecks With No Additional Tax Increases
Due to her legislative commitments in Harrisburg, State Representative Kathy Rapp (R-Warren/Forest/McKean) issued the following statement today to all state workers who are planning to protest outside of her district office this coming Wednesday regarding the 2009-10 state budget impasse:
“My goal was, is and will continue to be for state workers to receive uninterrupted paychecks for the rest of the 2009-10 fiscal year with no additional tax increases,” said Rapp.   “Just as I did with my successful efforts to save 50 Warren State Hospital jobs from the Department of Public Welfare’s privatization auction block throughout the 2007-08 legislative session, I am committed to delivering a fiscally responsible budget to ensure that essential government services will continue to operate, public libraries remain open, state parks won’t close, and every school district receives increased and equitable funding.
“Let me also bring to your attention that it is House Democrat Majority leadership that continues to use every legislative maneuver available to keep any budget proposal from seeing the light of day that does not increase the economic burden on Pennsylvania’s employers and employees, including cancelling three previously scheduled session days last week and literally not showing up for work to conduct the people’s business.
“Any state worker who does come to my district office to protest their missed paychecks will be coming to the wrong place, and unfortunately may have bought into both the governor’s and House Democrats’ unfounded scare tactics that the only way to balance the $3.2 billion Rendell budget deficit is by increasing taxes.
“Governor Rendell, House Democrat Majority Leader Todd Eachus and House Democrat Appropriations Chairman Dwight Evans are the lawmakers who refuse to hear the message from hard-working Pennsylvania taxpayers that an economic recession is definitely the wrong time to take any more money out of our pockets.   Since they are not getting what they want in the form of even more out-of-control spending, they are shamefully using state workers as pawns and holding your paychecks hostage to round up support to enact a broad-based tax increase that does not exist on either side of the aisle. 
“In conclusion, let me reassure all District 65 state workers that I fully understand and share your concerns about not receiving a paycheck for an indefinite period time. However, I also understand that it is possible to enact a state budget without any tax increases, without closing any state parks, and especially, without the massive state worker layoffs the governor has misleadingly claimed will become necessary if his excessive demands for increased revenue are not met. 
“Just as I have done with my past four state budget votes, it is my job as your State Representative to support only those budget proposals that adequately fund the Commonwealth’s fiscal obligations without raising taxes on state workers and all other hard-working Pennsylvania citizens.”  
Rep. Kathy Rapp
65th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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Contact: Ty McCauslin
House Republican Public Relations
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