Rapp Calls on District 65 Residents to Sign No Tax Increase Petition at RepRapp.com
“We the People of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, stand together to demand that our state lawmakers provide NO Representation for Increased Taxation.”  
This is the uncompromising message that all taxpayers residing in Warren, Forest and McKean counties can now conveniently deliver to all Pennsylvania state lawmakers courtesy of an all-new online petition drive unveiled at the State Capitol yesterday by State Representative Kathy Rapp (R-Warren/Forest/McKean), several House Republican lawmakers and representatives from prominent state and national government watchdog groups.
“The governor continues to write checks that the people of Pennsylvania cannot afford to cash,” said Rapp. “Once again, we are here to remind the people of Pennsylvania that when it’s time to pay the bill for all of the governor’s billions of dollars in excessive spending and debt, that the statement comes directly to all of us. There is no money tree in Harrisburg, money for the budget and for all government spending comes from your pocket. Unless we start doing something differently, we are simply going to pass the bill onto our children and our grandchildren.”
By simply logging on to RepRapp.com, concerned District 65 taxpayers can conveniently sign the NO Tax Increase petition electronically or download and print out a hard copy to collect signatures from friends, family members and co-workers.  
“To make sure that our stay in this unpredictable recession is shorter rather than longer, Pennsylvania state government would be well advised to put our Taxpayers First by setting as a major priority for the 2009-10 state budget the achievement of the lowest across the board tax rates in the nation, rather than ranking among the highest,” said Rapp. “I strongly encourage every District 65 taxpayer to make their voices heard by signing this No Tax Increase Petition at RepRapp.com today.
Rep. Kathy Rapp
65th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives
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Contact: Ty McCauslin
House Republican Public Relations
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