Rapp Named PA Right to Work Statesman of the Year
In appreciation for her dedicated and courageous leadership in opposition to compulsory unionism and in advancing the right to work principle in the Pennsylvania General Assembly, Pennsylvanians for Right to Work has recognized State Rep. Kathy Rapp (R-Warren/McKean/Forest) with the 2008 Statesman of the Year Award.
“It is a tremendous honor to be recognized by Pennsylvanians Right to Work President Susan Staub and the membership of this organization who remains on the front lines in the battle to preserve and advance individual freedom in the workplace,” said Rapp, who earlier this year prime sponsored House Bill 151 to return the individual decision of whether or not to join or support a labor union to teachers and other public education employees as part of the Pennsylvania Open Workforce Initiative (House Bills 150 – 152, and 1890).
“I believe that all working men and women should have the freedom to join a union if they choose and to leave that union when it is in their best interest to do so. However, hiring or firing decisions should never be determined upon union membership or the mandatory collection of union dues.   The bills contained in the Pennsylvania Open Workforce Initiative have the unmatched potential to provide our working citizens with the freedom to join and support only those organizations that promote and share their values by eliminating the fear of losing their jobs or not being able to provide for their families because of forced unionism,” added Rapp.
Featuring former U.S. Congressman and current Club for Growth President Pat Toomey as keynote speaker, Staub presented Rapp with her award during the organization’s annual luncheon in Harrisburg on Friday, Nov. 7.
Rep. Kathy Rapp
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