Rapp Resolution Recognizes Dec. 2 as The Order of the Silver Rose Day in Pennsylvania
A resolution sponsored by Rep. Kathy Rapp (R-Warren) officially recognizing Dec. 2, 2007, as “The Order of the Silver Rose Day” in Pennsylvania unanimously passed the state House on Tuesday. Rapp’s resolution also memorializes President Bush to grant the Order of the Purple Heart to American soldiers who were injured from their exposure to Agent Orange during the Vietnam War.
“On any given session day, Pennsylvania House members are asked to vote on various resolutions in recognition of community events, anniversaries and so on and so forth,” said Rapp, a member of the House Veterans Affairs and Emergency Preparedness Committee. “I have always maintained that none of these are more important or appropriate than publicly honoring all Pennsylvania veterans who have faithfully served our nation either as quiet heroes or paid the ultimate price for their country.” 
Today’s unanimous passage is a direct result of Rapp’s successful negotiations earlier this spring to make Pennsylvania the 12th state in the nation to allow individual lawmakers to recognize Order of the Silver Rose recipients with an official House citation.    
“By establishing both an official day of recognition and honoring the courage, heroism and contributions of our military personnel found to have been exposed to Agent Orange or other toxic chemicals, the Pennsylvania House is helping to correct a grave injustice by our federal government who has yet to recognize the sacrifices of these brave men and woman with the Purple Heart or another medal of distinction at the national level,” said Rapp. “I would like to thank both Speaker of the House Denny O’Brien and Speaker Emeritus John Perzel for joining me in my ongoing efforts to recognize this overlooked group of American heroes with the respect and honor they so richly deserve.”
More than 3,000 gratis Silver Rose Awards have been presented to date. 

Supported by the Vietnam Veterans of America and the National Agent Orange Association, the mission of The Order of the Silver Rose (www.silverrose.info) is two-fold. 

The first is to encourage every Vietnam veteran to receive a yearly physical and cancer screening. 
The second and final goal of this informal society is to see that every Vietnam veteran who has suffered due to Agent Orange exposure is brought honors and recognition for their sacrifices, regardless of whether they are living or deceased.  

Agent Orange is a chemical defoliant that was deployed by American Forces during the Vietnam War.  More than 22.5 million gallons were sprayed, and that does not take into consideration what was sprayed by hand, helicopter or by the South Vietnamese. Although the U.S. Veterans Administration and the federal government recognize 43 cancers and sicknesses, including Diabetes II as Agent Orange related and military service connected, they do not currently offer any type of official honors or recognition.

Rapp continues to encourage any Order of the Silver Rose recipients, and/or their friends and family members, residing in the 65th Legislative District to contact her Warren district office toll free at (866) 854-5294 so that she may personally recognize their contributions to America and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.   
The 65th legislative district includes all of Forest and Warren counties as well as Hamilton, Hamlin, Lafayette and Wetmore townships and Kane and Mount Jewett boroughs in McKean County. 
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