Rapp Votes ‘No’ on Fiscally Irresponsible State Spending Plan

State Rep. Kathy Rapp (R-Warren/Forest/McKean) this week voted against a state budget that increases state spending to $28.04 billion and uses $850 million in federal money that has not been approved to balance the budget. 

“Although I am pleased we have been able to get a budget passed in a timely manner, this spending plan is unrealistic and irresponsible,” said Rapp. “Not only are we spending $28 billion when revenue has only netted the state around $25 billion, but we are also relying on $850 million from the federal government that has yet to be approved – and is looking less likely that it will be the longer time goes by.” 

The $850 million is stimulus money from the Federal Medical Assistance Percentages that Congress must approve. 

The $28.04 billion state budget for 2010-11 represents an increase of $207.2 million over last year and is funded with a combination of state dollars, stimulus funds (which expire next year) and several other state funds. 

“I would have liked to have seen a budget that clarified Pennsylvania’s priorities by reducing state spending and preparing better for the anticipated $3 billion structural deficit the state will experience next year when all the federal stimulus funding runs out,” said Rapp. “As it stands, we are doing nothing to prepare for future financial challenges.” 

The General Appropriations bill has been approved by both the House and Senate and is currently awaiting the governor’s signature. 

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